Every Family Has A Story
that Spans Generations

frank cummings

Have you been working on a family history but aren't sure how to publish and share it with your family? Provide us with copies of your family narrative, pictures and documents and we can create an attractive Family History Book or Album that your family will cherish as an heirloom for generations to come.

Don't want to wait until a family history book is finished? If your family history is a work in progess with no end in sight, consider publishing installments as you go. A multiple edition e-Newsletter is a great way to begin sharing what you have with other family members. Distributing
e-newsletters as Adobe .pdf files via email or a family website would allow unlimited text and pictures with no printing costs. When enough material has been published, the e-newsletters could be reformatted and printed in book or album form, or simply presented as a bound copy of the newsletters.

Click here for an example of a family history e-newsletter.

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